75W-140 Full Synthetic Gear Oil (5-Gallon Pail)

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Part #: 3102393

Product: Performance Plus Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Gear Oil 75W-140

High-performance full synthetic heavy duty gear oils formulated for all differentials including those equipped with slip or lock-up mechanisms using superior base oils and high-quality additives to provide performance under severe operating and extreme pressure conditions.

Service Category Specification: GL-5/MT-1

Available Grades: 75W-140

Features and Benefits:

  • High VI, low pour point provides low-temperature fluidity for year-round protection in all types of climates through a wide temperature range
  • Extended drain capabilities to reduce downtime
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability to ensure transmission cleanliness to extend life and performance under severe duty
  • Fuel economy is improved as a result of the low friction and drag provided by the formulation
  • Excellent corrosion control to protect against gear wear and corrosion of components containing copper

Approvals/Specifications Met:

  • MIL Spec. MIL-PRF-2105D and PRF 2105E
  • Mack Truck GO-G, GO-H, GO-J, GO-J Plus
  • Ford WSL-M2C192-A


5 Gallon Pail



Technical Information
Product Name75W-140 Full Synthetic Gear Oil (5-Gallon Pail)
Product Code265751X
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Product Package UOM CodePA5G
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