Performance Plus® Heavy Duty 5W-40 Full Synthetic CK-4 (1 Single, 55 Gallon Drum)

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Part #: 3102401

Product: Performance Plus Full Synthetic 5W-40 CK-4/SN Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil engineered to provide outstanding high- and low-temperature protection, superior wear protection and cleanliness, and enhanced friction reduction. Formulated using synthetic technology; it is recommended for the latest heavy duty diesel, gasoline, and propane engines as it delivers improved fuel economy, extended drain intervals, superior wear protection, oxidation and deposit control.

Service Category Specification: API CK-4/SN

Available Grades: 5W-40

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent engine protection to reduce piston deposits to provide cleanliness and maintain engine power and fuel efficiency
  • Drain intervals can be extended as a result of reduced oxidative thickening
  • Protects against rust and bearing corrosion and the formation of sludge and varnish
  • Reduced valve train wear helps to optimize engine output
  • Outstanding soot control for protection against abrasive wear and soot-induced oil thickening

Approvals/Specifications Met:

Recommended for heavy duty diesel engines that specify the following:

  • Allison C-4
  • JASO DH-2
  • Cummins CES20076
  • Mercedes-Benz 228.31
  • CID A-A-52306
  • MTU Category 2.1
  • Cummins CES20077
  • MACK EO-0 Premium Plus
  • Caterpillar ECF-1a
  • MTU Category Type I
  • Cummins CES20081
  • MACK EO-M Plus
  • Caterpillar ECF-2
  • MTU Category Type II
  • Cummins CES20086
  • MACK EO-N Premium Plus 03
  • Caterpillar ECF-3
  • MAN 270
  • Detroit Diesel DFS 93K214
  • MACK EOS-4.5
  • Chrysler/Fiat MS-10902
  • MAN 3275
  • Detroit Diesel DFS 93K215
  • Volvo VDS-2
  • Ford WSS-M2C171-E
  • MAN 3575
  • Detroit Diesel DFS 93K218
  • Volvo VDS-3
  • Ford WSS-M2C171-F1
  • MIL-PRF-2104G 
  • Detroit Diesel DFS 93K222
  • Volvo VDS-4
  • Global DHD-1
  • Renault RLD-4
  • Mercedes-Benz 228.3    
  • Volvo VDS-4.5


Recommended for use in heavy duty diesel, light trucks, and passenger cars with diesel engines that specify a CK-4, CJ-4, or earlier service categories. Vehicles includes:

  • Over-the-road fleets with EGR and DPF engines
  • Automobiles, light and medium duty diesel trucks
  • Municipal service and school district bus fleets
  • Stationary engines powering pumps, generators and drilling rigs
  • Logging equipment such as skidders, feller bunchers, harvesters and loaders
  • Construction and farm equipment such as tractors, bulldozers, front-end loaders and excavators


55 Gallon Drum

Technical Information
Product NamePerformance Plus® Heavy Duty 5W-40 ~ Full Synthetic CK-4 (1 Single, 55 Gallon Drum)
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